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  Second Chance Resources Group is a nonprofit, charitable and educational multi-service organization.


     Second Chance Resources Group, Inc. was incorporated to help the New York City community's of poor and uniformed with free services and referral services specific to their needs. This helps society's most disenfranchised, including seasoned citizen's, the homeless, people living with HIV / AIDS, the uneducated, those with language barriers, the physically challenged and so many others as we strengthen individuals and families in our community through addressing the following areas: Counseling, Housing placement, Addictions treatment, Nursing services, Career training & Education. Also, we provide community-based legal initiatives and various social service initiatives. 

     Also, we have partnered with the City of New York on these initiatives:

We serve as a New York Knows partner for the 
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

We provide HIV/AIDS Outreach,Education and faith-based programming in partnership with the 
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Public Health Solutions

Our food pantries serve NYC residents in need in partnership with the New York City Department of Youth & Community Development

 With so much to do and so many to help. . .

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